Cody                                                              >

This gorgeous American Saddlebred is a cremello with blue eyes!  Cremellos are not very common, so you don't see them often. Cody is new to our riding program and began working in our summer horse camps in 2022.  He loves camps because he gets to hang out with all his buddies and get petted by all the kids who ride him.  In his spare time, Cody has been trained to sort cows.  Really!  he can count to 10!

Daisy                                                                 >

Daisy is a miniature Shetland Pony. She has taught many children to ride and been to a lot of birthday parties!  She may be small, but don't tell her that because she thinks she's the biggest horse in the herd.



​King is a Quarter Horse and the backbone of our lesson program.  He's a "been-there, done-that" guy who has taught students from 3 years old to 75, to ride. And he's a gorgeous buckskin to boot!  They just don't come any calmer or patient than King

Reina                                                          >

Reina is a Quarter Horse with spots and some of her spots look like cat tracks!   She is our Diva in the pasture and so fun to look at.  She is a favorite for lessons because she is not too big, yet can really move out if asked.  

Dixie                                                              >

This little gal is a camp favorite.  Dixie is a Paint Horse and is patient and kind and lovely to look at!  And she looks sooooo good in bling!  In her spare time when she is not teaching a student how to ride, she competes in a sorting league.  She loves bossing cows around! 

In Loving Memory of.....

Party Gossip



This handsome golden palomino is an American Saddlebred.  He loves people and getting attention from them, which is why he really enjoys camps - all those kids to pet him!  Besides camps, Beau teaches our advanced students the finer points of riding.



Dusty is a POA (Pony of America) and our biggest pony.  He's just so much fun to play with!  He's perfect for kids that are too big for the littlest members of the herd, yet too small for big horses.  He's very pretty with his spotted coloring and his snow-cap blanket.  Dusty and Natalie love to compete in barrels, poles and other games!






Bear is named Bear for a reason.  He is a BIG boy.  He is a Quarter Horse who spent the first 10 years of his life as a working cowpony on a ranch in Montana. He is now living an easier life as a lesson horse for Pinewood Stable and trusty trail buddy for Beth.  He's always looking for a sun-warmed sand hill to roll in!


​JT  aka "Jay"

JT is an appendix Quarter Horse, which means he is half thoroughbred.  Both of his parents were  successful racehorses!  We believe it because, in his youth, Jay was a FAST barrel horse.  Now, he just likes to get to the hay bale fast.  Many a student has heard Linda say that, "if Jay had arms, he would hug you!"  



Technically, Katie isn't in our riding program and, well.....she's not even a horse!  She's a standard donkey and is so darn cute that we just had to include her picture here.  She loves attention and is very smart (and sneaky)!   Katie is actually trained to carry a rider, but her job is to guard the ponies.  

Shay                                                                >

Shay is a Tennessee Walking Horse and has an incredibly smooth running walk.  He is a great lesson horse and the comedian of the herd because he makes us laugh at his funny antics.  He jumps into the bale feeder and he's in love with a donkey.

Tigger                                                             >

Someone never got the message that Tiggers have stripes, not spots like this boy.  Tigger is a Paint Horse and a retired barrel racer who now enjoys nothing more than teaching little ones to ride and going for leisurely trail walks with Kelly.



This tiny girl is a Miniature Horse and as cute as a button!  She is the best lesson horse for our youngest students.  Because she is so small, she stands at eyeball level with small children and is just too cute to be scary.  She loves the attention too!

​These are our lesson horses.

While the human instructors may be the ones to tell you how to ride,, these horses are the ones who will truly teach you.  Listen to them closely with your ears and your heart and they will show you the wonderful adventure that awaits you while horseback.