Lesson Packages will be scheduled in consecutive weeks- no exceptions.  Please do NOT schedule a lesson package if you know you will be missing lessons.  Only approved make-up lessons will be scheduled and must be made up during the same week as the missed lesson.

Pinewood Stable offers private or group riding lessons for children and adults, along with introductory classes to learn about horses or ponies and their care.  Lessons include instruction, horse, all necessary tack and equipment, arena time and helmet*.   

*  All students under 18 are required to wear a helmet.  Adults who wish to go without a helmet will be required to sign a helmet waiver.  Pinewood Stable encourages the use of a helmet. 

Lessons & Training



​                         2021 Lesson and Event Calendar     

​                     How to Register for Lessons

Please click the link below to print your riding lesson registration.  Fill it out completely, (one per student rider), sign it and send it with your $50 deposit per student, to Pinewood Stable to reserve a spot.  Once we receive it, we will contact you to schedule your lessons. 

Please note:  Once you are scheduled for lessons, if you wish to add more, you are required to make your request at least one full week before your last scheduled lesson.   If we don't receive your request, your spot will be given to another student

​​   We also have BirthdayParty horses and ponies. 

                You come to us, or we will come to you! 

      Check out this            for more information!

Price List per student

Learning to Ride - Private single lesson, Horse or Pony (min age 5)                                      $  50.00 per lesson           

Learning to Ride - Package of 4 private lessons, Horse or Pony                                             $180.00 for 4 weeks

Group Lesson Package on Horses, ages 8 and up (min of 3, max of 6)                                 $160.00 each for 4 weeks   family groups only

Group Lesson Package on Horses, ages 18 and up (min of 3, max of 6 students)              $160.00 for 4 weeks   currently unavailable

Western Games Lessons, 12 and up (must have taken basic riding first)                             $  55.00 per lesson

Western Games Lessons - Package of 4 private lessons.                                                         $200.00 for 4 weeks

My Little Pony - Leading & grooming a pony, lead-line if comfortable. (ages 5 to 7)           $  40.00 per lesson

​Therapy Riding Instruction                                                                                                            See Administration