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Includes all Basic Care listed above, plus we will perform the following cares for your horse if you are not available:

  • We will hold your horse for the farrier or veterinarian
  • We will deworm your horse with paste purchased by you.
  • ​We will blanket your horse when the weather turns​ severe and unblanket when the temperature rises to a comfortable level.

Owners are responsible for all veterinarian services to their own horse/s.  If an owner decides to have a vet come to the property, the owner must notify the Stable so other horses can be moved to accommodate the veterinarian. If the Stable determines there is an emergency with an owner's horse, the owner will be notified immediately.   If the owner cannot be reached, the Stable veterinarian will be called with the owner's implied consent for treatment up to the amount designated by the owner in the board contract.  Owners will be responsible for all medical bills incurred.

Pinewood Stable has a regular schedule with a local farrier. If you would like to be included in this schedule, we are more than happy to assist you. Owners are responsible for the entire bill of their horse(s). If Owner is unable to be present when farrier is on the property, payment must be left prior to the horse's appointment.

Farrier and Veterinarian

Basic Care includes:

  • 24/7 access to Pasture/Hay
  • Automatic Waterers
  • Free choice mineral blocks
  • 70' Round Pen
  • 100 x 320 outdoor grass arena
  • 120 x 200 outdoor sand arena 
  • 60 x 104 indoor arena 
  • Large secured tackroom
  • Lockers for Tack
  • Storage bins for equipment
  • Rack and Bar space to hang saddle, blanket and bridle
  • Picnic and gathering areas
  • Clean Stalls for feeding or medical and rehabilitation needs

Pasture Board: $325.00 /Month


Pasture Board Plus: $350.00/Month