We are a  30 acre Stable located 3 miles from St. Peter, MN, off of Highway 22.  We have several enclosed pastures with shelters in order to rotate horses and/or availability for other needs. In addition, we have a 100' x 320' grass arena for light work and training, a 70' round pen, a 50' round pony pen, a 120' x 200' sand arena for ground work, lessons, practice and training, and a brand new 60' x 104' indoor arena.  All facilities are available to boarders for no additional charge and will be available for rental to non-boarders.  There are also numerous trails and parks within a short trailering distance from the Stable as well as trails and fields within riding distance.

We believe in the philosophy that horses are better acclimated to the outdoors and are healthier in a herd setting rather than being stalled. Unless a temporary medical condition requires stalling, horses will be left outside at night. All pastures have shelters available for all horses and automatic waterers.  

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